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2021 Exercising Dominion – Rt Hon Rev Francis Waive

When you are in charge of something or you rule over it, you have dominion over it. A king has dominion over his kingdom. Rev 1:6, Gen 1:28, Judges 5:13

The word Dominion refers to the authority to rule and to control. It speaks of authority, command, control, power and jurisdiction.

To dominate is to be the most important or noticeable feature of something, to be the largest, highest or most obvious thing in a place.

To play much better than your opponent in a game is to dominate them. While authority is the power to enforce rules, dominion is the use of that power.

I have deliberately began this message by defining the word dominion for two reasons. First, I want the meaning to really sink into our consciousness as we go through this New Year.

Secondly, I want to draw attention to the connection between the prophetic word that the Lord gave us for last year and even the previous recent years and that of 2021.

He surely builds upon his work- “precept upon precept, line upon line, little here a little there” ……’until we all come to the stature of the measure of the fullness of Christ’ (Isaiah 28:10, Eph 4:13).

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Last year he said we should reign as kings (Rev 5;10) and this year, he says we should exercise dominion! (Rev 1;6, Gen 1;28, Judges 5;13)

He certainly will not tell us to do anything that is impossible. Dominion is the use of power. God has given us power. Power to become the sons of God (John 1;12), power to be his witnesses and to do exploits! (Acts1;8, Dan11;32).

What he now urges us to do is to put the power that he has given us into action. “Behold I give unto you power over all the powers of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt you”! (Luke 10;19).

Do waste all that the almighty God has invested in your life. ‘I and the children the Lord has given to me are for signs and wonders’! (Isaiah 8;18)

In Gen 1;28 the instruction we are given is clear. “And God blessed them. And God said to them, ‘be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over…every living thing that moves on the earth”.


We cannot afford to disappoint our God. This is not the year when witches and wizards in our families will oppress us.

We must not let that happen. We must insist on our authority and exercise dominion over every foul spirit, circumstances and conditions. It is our duty to do this. Political, economic and social forces must not subjugate us.

Health challenges whether epidemic or pandemic must not overcome us. We not only have immunity over them, we also have authority over them. For ‘whatsoever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatsoever you lose on earth shall be loosed in heaven’. (Matt 18;18).

Judges 5;13 is my favorite scripture in this prophetic discuss. The King James version puts it this way- “the Lord made me have dominion over the mighty”!

This makes me want to scream! Dominion over the mighty is assured us by God’s infallible word! I do not know who or what considers himself or itself mighty in your life or in this world.

God says you have dominion over the mighty! My confidence rises at his prophetic word! Like King David said, I will not fear what man can do to me!

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I have dominion over the mighty! God said so and that settles it! By the end of this New Year we shall testify that his word is true! My testimony is everywhere.

God has proven himself strong and faithful in my life over and over again. 2021 will not be an exception. I believe the same for you. Just look at what he has done with my life and in my life with his word these past years. Let my testimony build up your faith in God.

Last year; the year of reigning as kings, Rev 1;6 & 5:10 was our key scripture. Isn’t it amazing that that same text has the message for this year? Read it with me again in the King James version.

“And has made us kings and priests unto God and his father: to him be glory and dominion forever…and has made us unto our God kings and priests; and we shall reign on the earth”. Amen.

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