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Agege Is One Of The Dominant Figures In The 9th Assembly
Agege Is One Of The Dominant Figures In The 9th Assembly

The Deputy Senate President, Obarisi Senator Ovie Omo Agege has repeatedly defied expectations by confounding pundits who insisted that his name was a political poison by breaking new grounds and opening new frontiers in the 9th assembly of the Nigerian Senate, doing this within the premise of democratic sanctity in the legislative arena.

AGEGE bravery, brilliant articulation, consistency, and political acumen continues to wow his colleagues as he passionately unload the common griefs of his people and the under developing situations of the land by displaying a high degree of self-confidence and a strong understanding of where he is headed at the floor of the red chambers.

Obarisi’s charisma, self-regulation, technical skills and compelling vision as the Deputy Senate President of the Nigerian Senate and his championing of the Niger Delta wealth identity struggle are often cited as reasons for his popularity. His strong personality, contempt and distaste for compromise on many issues against the nations’s growth have made him a fine bride at the national level and back home.

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Deputy Senate President, Ovie Omo Agege strong political personality has brought our nation together through his sensitive and timely legislative reforms and inspired us to tackle the many issues rattling the nation through a distinctive approach about them.

Agege historical political antecedents and shocking meteoric rise to the top with honour to greatness feet with ease, confuses the compass of ill-thoughts and the understanding of men. This is what men cannot understand by playing the devil’s advocate against a man of strong will and great standing.

From my own experience and observations in recent times, there has not been a leader from this district that has exhibited bold leadership style and sharp wit like Obarisi of Urhobo Land.

This is why together for the public good, we should try to suppress the luring will of hate and envy that threatens to eat up the core nerves that binds us together. 

This we should do as we push for a greater good of our people through our Distinguished Deputy Senate President, Senator Ovie Omo Agege at the helms of affair.


Ajos David

Senior Legislative Aide to the Deputy Senate President, Senator Ovie Omo Agege.

Urhobo Daily

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