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Agrorite Unveils Digital Platform For Smallholder Farmers

Agrorite Unveils Digital Platform For Smallholder Farmers

A digital agricultural commodity trading and logistics platform, Agrorite.com has been introduced to help small holder farmers sell their farm produce to local and international buyers at fair and competitive prices.

Founder/CEO, Agrorite.com, Toyosi Ayodele, in a statement said: “Agrorite is aligned with SDGs and takes the goal 2 which is Zero Hunger as its focal point. We don’t limit farmers’ access to us through crowd funding, rather we encourage as many farmers as possible by helping them with crop yield, financial inclusion, trading and logistics.

“We empower our farmers and ensure their independence on determination of pricing and invariably financial freedom. Our model cuts across our core values with respect for rights, freedom and humanity.”

Toyosi explained that producing crops or breeding animals is not always the biggest challenge for small holder farmers but selling of these products at competitive prices commensurate to their efforts and investments. He stated:

“As a digital agriculture platform, Agrorite is working to solve the biggest challenge confronting farmers in Nigeria and indeed Africa – access to market. Agrorite was created in a bid to further expand its reach by introducing technology in fighting food insecurity.

“We have good relationship with farmers and off-takers and the process is very transparent. Farmers on our platform know the amount off-takers are buying the farm produce and they get regular data from their dashboard on prices around the world. We are also working on having blockchain on our platform to foster transparency and boost the integrity we’ve built over time.


 “In order to ensure that farmers meet the required quality and nutritional standard, we have a resident coordinator who engages them regularly and gives us feedback.”

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