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AKIMA: I have conspicuously decided to remain mute with a thunderous silence as it regards UPU Youthwing (Ighelle), but silence they say is consenting.

Thus, it behoves on me to state the obvious whether or not one’s feathers would be ruffled.(Akima)

Factions and fractions have become a reoccurring decimal in almost everything in Nigeria, most especially in politics. Even in a free, fair and credible democratic struggle… an aggrieved must toll a line and self-impose a government (faction).

The Urhobo Progressive Union has its own fair share of factionalism, is always so in a system where self-interest is the only motivating factor of being in government. Whether or not there are factions or fractions in an organization, the side that forged ahead with the needs and aspirations of the people becomes the “ose” (bride) of the people. This is where Comr Umukoro Efemena AKA Akima towered among the rest.

UPU ighelle under the rein of Akima has shown capacity in virtually all ramifications…He is the sole pusher, front runner, a solo crusader and one who ensure urhobo ighelle comes to limelight again. I’m not a fan of his though, but I must lend a hand of affirmation where its needed. Akima has shown CAPACITY.

This is therefore, a clarion call to those on the other side and the fencists to collapse their structure, join force with Comr. Efemena led body to move urhobo beyond our dream. It’s a simple task, if urhobo interest is what drives them… Otherwise their motive is that of self-centeredness or egocentrism.

I will never trade capacity for shenanigans, irresponsibility, carelessness, laxity or ‘padi padi’ system etc. Comr. Akima is a force and a moving train with vision.

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UPU ighelle is safe with him.

God bless UPU National

God bless UPU ighelle

God bless Comr. Efemena Umukoro led govt.

God bless Urhobo in General

God bless urhobo representatives in government.

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