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Akpovoka: The Fall of A Drowning Man….

Studio Praiz
Studio Praiz
See How Akpovoka Was Even looking at Rev Francis Waive with Bad Eye

See How Akpovoka Was Even looking at Rev Francis Waive with Bad Eye

Akpovoka after taking away your co- aspirant – Rev Francis Waive’s File, to prevent him from being screened, you went further boasting with your false announcement at the Agbarho wards 1 and 2 meeting of 22 Sept 2018, that Rev Waive won’t be screened.

Thinking your mission have been achieved, because you (Akpovoka) thought you have set the fire burning, yes burning to consume you…..the next thing you did was to tell attendees at  the  APC  Ughelli  North LGA meeting that Rev Francis Waive has been disqualified by  the Appeals Committee.

Attaching his part of his missing documents in Abuja to the said petition which you distributed to the attendees.

But as Rev Francis Waive, – the man whose presence shakes every shackles appeared before the committee answering and asking questions over the missing file, despite all odds, as usual, the air, deaf and darkness listened obeyed and started bowing down by making sure he was SCREENED.

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Akpovoka actions depict his sense of INSECURITY, and INFERIORITY. YES, INFERIORITY based on your level of ILLEGAL OPERATIONS.

It is your failure which will soon be completed and manifested. WHAT YOU SOW   IS   WHAT YOU REAP.!!


Below shows Rev Waive performing and completing his screening before the the four members Appeal Committee Abuja.

C.J.IMIRUAYE.- For Victory Team

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