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Big Brother House

While it was certain that at least one of the Nominated Big Brother House mates was going to be on their way, nothing prepared us for the fact that there would be a grand total of three Housemates saying goodbye to the Big Brother House.

After a fortnight in the game, Beatrice, Niyi and Yerins were required to bid the others Big Brother house mates goodbye and get out of there, chop-chop.  “Chop-chop” means 15 seconds, here. Biggie really doesn’t waste much time on long, drawn out goodbyes.

Beatrice’s Nomination came on the back of her spoiler tactics during the Housemate’s hunt for the two Wildcards — a strategy that probably seems a little rash to her, now. Yerins’ status as “polymath” didn’t provide him with the assorted skillset necessary to win the game.  

Then came the second shock — new arrivals. A total of four new Housemates were introduced into the game tonight, meaning that the full complement of Housemates has gone up by one, rather than down. We were pretty sure it was going to move in the other direction. It’s going to start getting a little crowded, at this rate.


Of course, the new Big Brother House mates might be at something of a disadvantage — they have no rapport with the others, they don’t know the dynamics at play and — this is a big one — there might be some resentment on the part of the Housemates who have had to play the game for the past two weeks suddenly finding themselves with these new upstarts who haven’t put in the time. It’s worth remembering, however, that the new Housemates have had to spend these past two weeks in isolation, sequestered away from Covid-19, which can’t have been much fun.

The question, then, is who are these new Big Brother House mates? Do they have what it takes to overcome these challenges? We dunno.

We know nothing more about these folks than you do, but we can tell you that it’s certainly a diverse group that entered the House, tonight. 

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