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Charles Tambou With Happy Simelane Speak On Success In Business
Charles Tambou With Happy Simelane Speak On Success In Business

Charles Tambou speaking with Happy Simelane who is an Author, an in-demand Transformational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and a Global Network Marketer.

Growing up without both her parents, singlehandedly raised by her grandmother, not satisfied to settle, Happy reached deep to find her inner courage – the bodaciousness to reinvent her life.

She went on to start her online business which helped her fund her current companies, and she is now regarded as one of the most successful South African entrepreneurs under the age of 35. That decision set her life on a path where she has never Iooked back.

With close to a decade span of experience in helping entrepreneurs build their online business. she travels around the globe, inspiring, training and empowering young people, especially women, with a practical blueprint that helps them create balance in their life and grow the confidence to run a successful business.

In the last few years she has been in the trenches as a distributor. and became the top distributor for at least two network marketing companies.

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Happy has trained over 200 000 people in network marketing in South Africa, Lesotho,Namibia, Mozambique,Madagascar,Zambia, Swaziland. Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe and Botswana.

With the launch of her first book titled – Your Dreams Are Valid she hopes to touch and transform more lives with her story and practical strategies in the book. She is definitely a Business Mogul to look out for.

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