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Delta Lg Polls Why We Should Opt For The Best Odedia Arho

Odedia Arho said on the 6th of Match, 2021, there shall be a determined quest to either change or keep the existing narratives with regards to Local govt areas across Delta State. A quick look into the Ughelli Ward 3/7 councillorship seat and its intrigues will do a lot of good.

The ward consists of seven communities says Odedia Arho.

Afiesere, Eruemokowharien, Ododegho, Odovie, Ogbowan, Owharo and Ujode. It is indeed one of the biggest wards in the country. No DESIEC ward was even created from it for reasons best known to the creators.

Now, the representation of these communities at the council, is what should be taken into cognisance in this dispensation.

So far, so good, there are candidates from the PDP, APC and SDP.

Speaking further, Odedia Arho said “While it is a known fact that the PDP candidate was selected by few “elders” against the will of party faithfuls, the APC could not also conduct a simple primary election.” A fight broke out and left one injured.

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The ward leaders tactically imposed a candidate from Ododegho – also the home of the handpicked PDP chairmanship candidate. The people feel oppressed and their rights to choose at the party level, trampled upon.

Of the three listed parties above, only the SDP was able to conduct a credible primary election in which a candidate from Afiesere emerged. The most popular contestant in the race.

As it stands says Odedia Arho, I urge the ward election deciders (voters), to choose wisely. Those imposed (PDP & APC) cannot deliver the best to the ward.

They will have to settle their selfish elders and leaders at the expense of the people they would represent. SDP, though believed to be a weaker party, obviously has the best and most popular candidate. Odedia Arho added.

Besides, the game plan is to continue to relegate Afiesere which is the headquarter to the background in the name of “better days ahead”.


Let The best man for the job, be given the job. I hope he flies and gallop to victory like his party icon. Odedia Arho ended.

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