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Delta State 2023 Governorship Race Begins – Annabel Ogheneganre

Delta State 2023 Governorship Race Begins - Annabel Ogheneganre

Delta State 2913: It barely four months into the current dispensation with 44 months to the end of the tenures of the incumbents at all levels, the political temperature has started receiving heat from prospective aspirants for the 2023 polls.

This is in confirmation of the fact that the end of one election is the beginning of another.

The current office holders have barely settled down to business for which they were elected. Many if not all are still in the tribunals to suggest that the 2019 general elections have not been fully concluded.

The winner can only be totally sure of his mandate after victory at the final bus stop which is the Court of Appeal for Senators, House of Representatives and House of Assembly members, and the Supreme Court for presidential and governorship polls.

Until the final courts make the decisions on the outcome of the polls known, no political office holder could be fully sure of his mandate yet.

Therefore, to talk of how the 2023 polls could or should go could be considered premature considering the uncertainty hovering around the outcome of the tribunals.

Be that as it may, the politicians cannot help but commence processes of being positioned for better deals in the coming dispensation. At both national and state levels, activities are gradually taken shape with regards 2023.

The Tinubu, Oshiomole and El-Rufai posters flying everywhere with regards the 2023 presidential polls is part of the intrigues for the next dispensation.

Though preposterous and couldn’t have been authorized by those being touted to have vested interest in 2023, some politicians could just be testing the waters to gauge the mood of the populace ahead of 2023.

Such intrigues are capable of provoking grave distractions for the incumbents yet are parts of the game of politics.

The various geo-political zones are already making their stands known ahead of time so that when the full heat is on, the zones could identify possible opponents in the coming battles. At the Delta State level, there are no fewer waves of political altercations already brewing ahead of the 2023 gubernatorial race.


The two major political parties in Delta state have started warming up for 2023. While the political parties have not formally authorized members to commence political fireworks ahead of the coming polls, some individuals have indicated interests in running for 2023 to occupy Denis Osadebey House.

In the PDP, names like Chief Kenneth Gbagi, Chief David Edevbie, Barr Peter Mrakpor, Chief James Augoye are being touted to be interested in the 2023 gubernatorial race. Of the four, while Chief David Edevbie is more discreet with his alleged ambition, the other three are already overtly taking manifest steps through pressure groups aimed at promoting the visions and missions of their respective principals ahead of the polls.

In the APC circles, nobody has overtly indicated interests but tongues are wagging in the direction of Chief Great Ogboru and Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, the Deputy Senate President.

Chief Ogboru is still in the tribunal contesting the victory of Dr Ifeanyi Okowa and he is hopeful of winning in the tribunal.

Penultimate week, the tribunal dashed his hopes but he has ran to the Appeal Court hoping for a more favourable verdict.

However, the outcome of the tribunal may be, Great Ogboru’s fans may still want him to fight, yet again for one more time.

While many of his fans are not battle weary, his fanatical fans may still urge him on. The chances of all the possible contenders would be examined in due course but suffice it to say that the aforementioned political leaders could possibly run in 2023.

For Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, the man may not be interested in running but the man has fans and supporters in both APC and PDP who may not let him rest until he enter the race to give them a delightful dosage of political elixir.

His ascendancy to the office of Deputy Senate President has broadened his political horizon. He has more than one political highway open before him. And considering his unquestionable patriotic inclination, Omo-Agege could explore better political windows to serve his people without even running for Governor.

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Now let us look at it from this perspective, Ovie Omo-Agege knows very well that no matter how hard the Ijaw nation may try, the next Governor of Delta State would be an Urhobo man.

If he decides to run for Senate again and retain the DSP position, that would afford Urhobo the privilege of being Governor and DSP at the same time, a win-win situation for the Urhobo nation.

No other person but Omo-Agege could promote the rare privilege of Urhobo assuming both offices at the same time. No Senator whether of the PDP or APC stock, outside Ovie Omo-Agege could be privilege to be DSP in the next dispensation.

Omo-Agege being a reasonable man may not even bother himself with running for Governor so that more persons could benefit from the politics of 2023. But all these will depend on the political intricacies of 2023.

The man may study the tides and take a decision base on the way the game is being played. It would therefore be too early to factor Senator Ovie Omo-Agege in the politics of 2023 gubernatorial race.

He will definitely play a critical role in who becomes the next governor of Delta state. His current office is critical to the success of the present administration and as a man who has been positioned to be presiding over the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the absence of Senator Ahmed Lawan, he may concentrate in his legislative duties and leave the gubernatorial contest for others to run.

The take of this writer is that it would not be fair to bug Ovie Omo-Agege with the politics of the next governor of Delta State, at least for now. So many opportunities await him in the coming dispensations. He will take decisions on what to do towards positioning the Urhobo nation and Delta state for better deals at the federal level. The man is not interested in the

2023 gubernatorial polls. His party is still contesting the 2019 polls and the outcome will determine how he guides the party for future political interactions.

What is important to him now is consolidating on the gains of the post-2019 political complexities through bridge building and bringing more Deltans aboard the political ship of hope. Those people dropping his name with regards the 2023 gubernatorial race may be doing so out of love but that is not necessary. He has a calling that transcend petty gubernatorial squabbles.

If future events place compelling demands on him to run for governor, he will do so with enchanting sublimity capable of hitting the opposition below the belt with superior uppercut. What he deserves now is the prayers of all Deltans for him to succeed in the present assignment.

In no time, we shall take a serious evaluation of all the aspirants across the political parties to unveil their chances. Soon the aspirants will start crawling out of their shells to unleash full political salvo on the scene.

The serious contenders and pretenders will show their faces and we shall be here to give flesh to the depth of their aspirations. We shall spread out messages to different news platforms and ensure our position is properly disseminated to all Deltans.

No unserious aspirant without the energy to run the full race, the integrity and moral courage to confront the challenges before the state and political will to take Delta state to greater heights would be spared as all their secret deals designed to shortchange Delta state shall be laid bare. Whether PDP or APC, not pretender would be spared. Many serious ones with good plans for the state have not indicated interest.

They are coming and we shall reflect them accordingly at that appropriate time. Deltans deserve the best and we shall take time to evaluate all the aspirants towards bringing out their best. However, it is trite to note that without mincing words, the race for 2023 has began in earnest. May God give us grace to vote the best man for the job in 2023!

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