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Delta State APC Needs Cleansing – Jaro Egbo

Delta State APC Needs Cleansing - Jaro Egbo

Olorogun Jaro Egbo has said that the Delta State All Progressives Congress, APC needs cleansing and that a member of the party in the state is responsible for the many woes that have befallen the party prior to and during the 2019 elections.

Jaro Egbo said this while responding to questions from journalists during a media chat at his residence in Ughelli, Delta State recently.

His words: “There is a virus that has eaten deep into the fabrics of our party. Once we can remove that virus the party will regain its full health and form. I am sure that those at the national cadre of our party have come to realize that this individual I am talking about is a virus.

“It is not about me. If you hear those who are supporting Ogboru they will mention the same person; Uduaghan supporters will mention the same person; Ochei supporters will mention the same person. All across the state they know that the man is a virus and once you remove that virus from the body then the body will grow well.


So, we believe that we can sit down as a people, as politicians and leaders and agree that this is the way forward for APC Delta State.”

When asked who the individual is, he said: “You are journalists and I believe that one of the vital ethics of journalism is investigation. Sample opinions and of course you will find out who this is. I don’t want to mention the name so that it will not be said that Jaro Egbo said you are a virus.

But when you sample the opinion of members and party leaders across south south, the picture will become very clear who this virus is.”

Speaking further, he said: “One man cannot hold a party. If he doesn’t want to move ahead then either he falls in or he falls out. That is the process we are now. We are trying to meet. Our plan now is how do we strengthen APC?

If they can do it in Bayelsa, why can’t we do it in Delta State? PDP has been here for 20 years and we believe the time is ripe for us to take the state.


One lessons that APC must learn from 2019 elections, he noted: “In 2019 we were fighting ourselves.

The division and the issue of I am always right was a big obstacle to our winning the governorship election in 2019. Also, if we have respected that zoning arrangement we would have fared better anyway.

So, the first thing for us to do is unity. Like I earlier said, if we can remove that virus from our system we will all be united, strong and we can face PDP and take the fight to them and I believe that if we take the fight to them we will win.”

Furthermore, he scored the Erue-led state executive of the party low in their performance, saying that he is not satisfied with his performance.

He continued: “That same virus has pocketed the exco. As I speak to you, in Ughelli where I am from, the party chairman will not pick my calls because if he does the virus will go after hm.


The state chairman has since stopped coming to my house unlike he did then when he visited me here to dine and wine.

“Today, he cannot even face me and that is how they have ostracized several members of the party.

Imagine a former two-term governor will not be invited to the state caucus’ meeting. We have former Speakers in the party.

Ochei and Igbuya are all members of the party but they don’t invite them. Why? Because they are all afraid of the virus. So, we are not happy.

“If I say I am satisfied with the party exco I won’t be saying the truth. We will wait for our time. We are waiting for them to complete their tenure and then congresses will come. Then, we will pick those we think can move the party forward. But, if they change, we will return them. But, it will not be game as usual.”

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