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delta state governorship seat based on zoning or merit
delta state governorship seat based on zoning or merit

We have been clamoring for a round table discussion among the various ethnic groups in Delta State with regards to the 2023 governorship election.

In the light of the above, it seems some persons in the polity sees themselves as political godfathers and kingmakers who can always have their ways based on extreme loyalty of the people to these leaders that never meant well for them in Delta State.

Zoning is a strategy of greedy political leaders to enthrone their lackeys and stooges under the guise of rotation of power, to every ethnic groups against the best and credible hands that will bring meaningful development and good governance.

These lackeys and stooges of the godfathers spend all their time amassing wealth, buying properties within and outside the country and building business empires all over the world for themselves and their family members, while the godfathers are being settled with substantial amount of Delta State funds on monthly basis.


Zoning has terribly enriched the so-called political leaders but short-changed the people.

Zoning only promotes sympathy and mediocrity.

Zoning is anti-people/development idea.

Zoning promotes nepotism and fraud.

Zoning breeds disunity and hatreds, while encouraging ethnic bigotry.

Zoning prevents the best from emerging, rather encourages the mediocres who are always ready to please the godfathers against the interest of the people.

Our brothers from Delta State Central senatorial zone who are clamoring that it is their turn to rule, had it been that David Edevwie won the PDP primary in 2014 or Great Ogboru won the governorship election in 2019 will anybody be talking about zoning by now?

Was there no zoning in place when these persons were contesting against Okowa?

Those who are also clamoring for zoning from Delta State South senatorial zone, had it been that Elder Godday Orubebe won the PDP primary or someone else from Isoko won the governorship election will anyone be talking about zoning by now.

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Chief James Ibori and the PDP leaders in Delta State who introduced zoning should tell us where “zoning” travelled to that Senator James Manager refused to give way to the Isoko or Itsekiri ethnic groups to represent the Delta State South senatorial zone at the red chamber of the National Assembly for almost twenty years now?

Let’s stop the deceits and allow the best hand for the job based on track records to govern our dear State for the interest of peace, for zoning is evil and should be discouraged at all levels please.

You can’t be sleeping in the place where you were sent to represent your people for almost twenty years and be telling us you will do well as a Governor.

You can’t be part of the people who have corruptly enriched yourself with our State funds from 1999 to date as an official of the State Government and be asking to be given the opportunity to rule us as our State Governor, for what? Are you the only person with administrative, financial and political knowledge in the State? God forbid.

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Christian Moses Abeh,

Global Coordinator,

Gabriel Mamuzo,

Deputy Global Coordinator,

Citizen Miracle Ifeanyi Ogor,

Europe Coordinator.

Urhobo Daily

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