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The Edo State governor, Obaseki’s disqualification from the seat he now occupies, Michael O. Dedon says PDP should go to court to immediately seek the swearing in of its candidate as Godwin Obaseki’s own party.

The platform upon which the Edo State Governor ran in 2016 has held that he is not qualified to be governor today, meaning he was not qualified in 2016 then.

This goes to the root of his governorship. So Dedon says the PDP must approach the courts to have its candidate in 2016 election sworn in to begin its four-year tenure.

The problem is that that man is likely going to be the Edo State APC candidate.

So here is the conundrum;

So should Pastor Ize Iyanmu, now a member of APC, join the PDP in its suit to oust Obaseki and seek the courts to declare that there should be no election this year, an election he is already vying for as favourite.

As he must begin his four years tenure as Edo state governor under his former party PDP, and should the courts say YES APC candidate was never qualified in the first instance, would Pastor Ize Iyanmu go back to govern as PDP or will he go back, join PDP till swearing in and then decamp back to APC?

Did Oshiomole see this possibility and decide the only way he would disqualify Obaseki is if Pastor Ize Iyanmu that could profit from such a decision to disqualify Obaseki, first come and kiss his (Oshiomole)  ring and join the APC?

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To think this politically, spiritually and physically ugly man Oshiomole was allowed to judge Jonathan on morality and otherwise is one of the saddest happenings of this political era

Oshiomole chose Obaseki as Governor, knowing he did not have the certificates he claimed to have so that he could hang over him like THE SWORD OF DAMOCLES and continue to siphon Edo State monies to maintain his expensive wife and new-found life style.

Anywhere you look in Nigerian politics it is ugliness that you see

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