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Gas Flare Trust Fund Headquarters Be Sited In Urhobo Land
Gas Flare Trust Fund Headquarters Be Sited In Urhobo Land

Urhobo progress union has written to the Federal Government of Nigeria requesting that the national headquarters of the Gas Flare Trust Fund (GFTF) be sited in Urhobo land.

Olorugun Dr Moses Taiga, UPU maintained that Urhobo land should be the beneficiary of the Gas Flare Trust Fund national headquarters based on her oil and gas production which sustain the country, and who unfortunately bears more of the negative impact of gas flare and environmental degradation more than any other oil and gas production ethnic nationality in the country.

Urhobo Progress Union maintained that, Urhobo ethic group has been host to major oil companies since oil and gas were discovered in Nigeria, stressing that, the country produce oil and gas from OML 30, 34, 38, 49 and 55 with various oil fields, flow and pumping stations located in Urhobo land.

It stated that, Urhobo land also host some of the largest oil and gas field with the Ughelli East and Utorogu gas plants being the largest gas plants in West Africa, saying that, the various oil fields, flow station and pumping stations are being serviced by the gas plants.

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UPU president general in the letter lamented that, Urhobo land being in the upland and swampy bears the largest share of the negative effects of gas flare and other pollutant emission more than any other oil producing communities’ in the country.

He expressed deep regret that Urhobo land has been shut out of the oil and gas development agencies of the federal government of Nigeria for oil and gas producing area and impacted communities and location of their headquarters.

 NDDC located in Port Harcourt, River state; Petroleum Trust Development Fund with its headquarters in Kaduna, Kaduna state; Hydrocarbon pollution Remediation Project also in Port Harcourt, Rivers state, Nigeria Content Management Board with its headquarters in Yenagoa, Bayelsa state and National Petroleum Development Company located in Benin, Edo state.

“It is clear that our land is entitled to the national headquarters of the Gas Flare Trust Fud, because other oil and gas producing states and ethnic nationalities have gotten their fair share of the federal government establishments” adding that, “Based on Urhobo land oil and gas production landmass impact from gas flare and operational environmental degradation, Urhobo land should be the beneficiary of the national headquarters if its location”

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Taiga assured that, Urhobo land has existing facilities in Warri environs for the takeoff of the national headquarters of the Gas Flare Trust Fund, and has also earmarked a large landmass for construction of new facilities need to be built.

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