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Great Ovedje Ogboru “The Special One” – Edward Opiepie

Great Ovedje Ogboru

Great Ovedje Ogboru: It is no longer news that for more than three years into the Dr Ifeanyi Okowa PDP-led administration that Delta State has achieved nothing but outright political, economic and social backwardness culminating from this present government shortsightedness and archaic style of leadership.

While this is so, it is very imperative for all and sundry with Delta State at heart to as a matter of urgency make the right choice now in order not to repeat the mistakes of the past which landed us into this very messy situation.

A state which cannot boast of some of the basic necessities of life such as good roads, portable water supply, access to quality healthcare and a good level playing ground for its workforce understandably needs someone who has the technical know-how and tenets of good governance to be at the helm of its affairs.

If you have been an ardent follower of Delta State politics, you will unarguably agree with me that the man who has what it takes to salvage our darling State from those shenanigans that currently saddle the affairs of government is none other than “GREAT OVEDJE OGBORU” The people’s choice and the real man for the job.


There is a social parlance that says “destiny maybe delayed but it cannot be denied, things unforeseen may have prevented and denied him the mandate of becoming governor in the past, if we really want the ideal State of our dream, the time to make it work is now, the time to act is now, the time to stand up and defend what is just and right is now.

If a football player is not playing according to his coach’s expectation, such a player would be substituted, else his dip in form would definitely cause his team the victory they crave for, For more than three years we have tried and tested the current set of players at the state’s house,and repeatedly and woefully they failed.

Let us join hands together in one accord to make the right choice as we approach the general elections in 2019. GREAT OVEDJE OGBORU is the man and my indisputable choice to do the job. Delta State will be great again. Enough is enough.

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I remain Edward Opiepie

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