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Group Cautions Urhobo Nation On Arrival Of Candidates
Group Cautions Urhobo Nation On Arrival Of Candidates

Foremost Urhobo youth group under the sponsorships of Urhobo Awareness Youth Association, (UAYA) has cautioned Urhobo nation of arrival of governorship candidates in the coming 2013 governorship election.

The group in a press statement, the national president, Comrade Maver Avworo and the general secretary, Comrade Jude Ejovi, pointed out that 2023 is the political year of Urhobo nation and that they cannot risk gambling with it in the name of one hundred governorship candidates.

The group has opined that the time has come for Urhobo nation to go to the drawing board and start planning ahead 2023, mostly on how to reduce numbers of governorship candidates in order not to give room to other ethnic groups because of arrival of candidates from Urhobo nation.

The group in the statement reads in parts said, “We of the Urhobo Awareness Youth Association, (UAYA) has seen this course 2013 as golden opportunity to brainstorm and present a candidate that we will rally around for the Delta state governorship and not to divide ourselves to give safe ground for other ethnic group to undo us.


“We can do it if we can come together and speak in one voice for our common goal and that is why Urhobo should not always been seen as people and ethnic group with divided mind, because in unity we can achieve our purpose and set goals.

“This call also goes to People in the media industry to see this great opportunity as one to project Urhobo nation in a good light through their various media organizations through articulated stories and features and not to be publishing an inciting story that could divide the Urhobo nation against itself.

“We also enjoined the Urhobo Progress Union, (UPU), Urhobo Traditional Council comprising Urhobo traditional rulers, the Urhobo clergies and the UPU Youth Wing to stand up to their responsibility for they are the next generation to uphold the culture and the value of the Urhobo nation and should not see 2013 as journey of miles, because the earlier we start planning for governorship candidates the better it is for us, so we appeal that all hands should be on deck.

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