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Group Withdraws Allegation Against Senator Omo-Agege

Group Withdraws Allegation Against Senator Omo-Agege

Omo-Agege: A group of civil society organisations recently accused Senator Omo-of perjury and felony while practising law in the United States of America.

The groups under the aegis of Coalition of Civil Society and Youth Groups in Nigeria (CCSYGN), also vowed to occupy the National Assembly unless Omo-Agege is prevailed upon by the Nigerian Senate to resign from office and his senatorial seat declared vacant.

However, in a dramatic turn, one of the groups, Centre for Policy Advocacy and Leadership Development, has distanced itself from the allegation and apologised for being part of the coalition.

The group’s leader, Edwin Olorunfemi, in a statement sent to journalists on Saturday, January 18, stated that he has extricated himself from the coalition’s stance, adding that the allegation is false.

He described the outburst of the coalition as a ‘pull –him-down’ campaign mounted on behalf of some faceless politicians.

Part of the statement read: “I have also seen incontrovertible evidence of his acquittal of the alleged crimes by the California Superior Court, cannot in good conscience allow my name to be used for the conscienceless onslaught against the innocent DSP.

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“Nonetheless, envy, hate and the politics of controlling things in Delta state and the Niger Delta has motivated some so-called VIPs who are desperate to hijack and destabilize the current progressive leadership of the National Assembly to call for a hatchet job against DSP Senator Omo-Agege but I hereby table my sincere apologies as I withdraw.

“We stand before you today to unequivocally announce that I have seen the light and abreast with the truth in respect of the dark motivations behind this fallacious campaign against DSP Omo-Agege and that I have unambiguously withdrawn from the ungodly campaign that we were misled into joining.

“In the interest of Nigeria, let us all desist from the propaganda that remains the hands of Esau and the voice of Jacob; government also has further role to play in curbing the unemployment and under-employment that makes scores of youth vulnerable to being tempted by elites who use idle youth and civil society groups to score propaganda points against perceived rivals.


“I sincerely apologize to DSP Senator Ovie Omo-Agege and I thank you all for your kind understanding.”

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