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BENJAMIN ELOHOR SHARTA, I came fully into secular politics just few years ago hoping to make a difference, after contesting for Councillorship election in Jan 6 2018, I met so many young brains and men of timbers in Udu local government, I was able to identify myself to people that regarded me.

One faithful day Benjamin Elohor Sharta wrote me via messenger that he will like to see me cos he will be contesting the House of Assembly race in Udu, I was shocked, how, a man that just contested councillorship election and have spent nothing less than 4 million want to contest?

I immediately obliged to his request and I told him, I am with you fully cos I have seen a strong zeal in u to change d narrative.

I told Benjamin Elohor Sharta to send me his achievements as a councillor, when he started popping me with pictures, I shouted and was surprised how he manage to do all this when others were complaining that they have not been paid, some said they bought cultural band for their community while others was seen daily in different hotels, I knew I have found a gold mine for mentorship, a man that his people’s pain is his number one priority even though he is not perfect.

I started with Benjamin Elohor Sharta and our first visit was with our foremost leader Sir Richard Odibo where I spoke alongside with him, from there the work started, where others didn’t see light, I saw brightness and a man with vision.

To round it up, during the party primary and the main general election, we saw so many temptations and many backstabbing but all is politics, to God be the glory it came and no one died.

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Now the post-election brought another side, politics is who I am and I have passion for it so I took time to study the game theoretically and practically and am still studying, one thing that I have seen in politics is INTERGRITY.

Hero Hon. Benjamin Elohor Sharta aka DJ Ben is loved by all and am bold to say this that he never let his people down even when he was down broke, temptation was at its peak but his INTERGRITY and loyalty to the Party was what kept him going, so many chicken out after th election, he filed to tribunal, so many chicken out of tribunal, he filed to Appeal cos the people’s mandate and the call to serve was driving him but in all we give God the glory that it’s turn out this way.

Benjamin Elohor Sharta you are my hero, you made me proud and am happy to stand alongside with you all through this interesting game, I am living testimony of APC Udu politics.

Congratulations to you boss, we fought a good fight

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