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History And Origin Of Ugborikoko In Uvwie Kingdom

Onoriakpor; son of Emedjor (Father) and Udugbeme (Mother) is considered to be one of the persons who founded Ugborikoko.

It is important to note, that Adjomo who had his settlement along Okpoku area of Effurun along Jakpa Road eventually took Udugbeme as wife (former wife of Emedjor). This propelled the influencing factor that made Adjomo to migrate further from his original Okpoku settlement, to resettle in Ugborikoko with his wife Udugbeme, in the present Ugborikoko originally called either Egbo ru me re koko or Ugbo ru me re koko. 

Emedjor and Udugbeme inhabited the present location housing army veteran settlement along Effurun) Sapele Road originally known as Arama area.

Emedjor is of Ijaw descent. And the father of Emedjor is Ibioren, while Udugbeme is the sister of Onomiafe and both are the children of Okpohwo of Effurun Otor.

The father and mother of Adjomo are Ugbenu and Emetewhere who are originally of Ugbenu in the present day Ethiope West Local Government Council Area.


In time Onoriakpor joined his mother Udugbeme and Adjomo his step father, leaving his father Emedjor in Effurun to find his own settlement.

Other founding fathers of Ugborikoko are Onokuta the son of Uririe (Son of Ebuata), Onomiafe the son of Okpohwo of Effurun Otor, and Edjehevwo after leaving his original settlement in Effurun for an exclusive settlement of his own in Ugborikoko.

Although Onokuta and Onomiafe share the same mother (Eritama), they however are of different father.

Before settling down in Ugborikoko as their final settlement, the aforementioned persons had explored the whole area now known as Ugborikoko and Ugboroke which explains why the naming of the two Communities point to a shared exploration activity of the whole area.

While they named Ugborikoko as Egbo ru me re koko or Ugbo ru me re koko, Ugboroke was originally called Egbo ro ru ke or Ugbo ro ru ke. This is an historical fact which confirms that Ugborikoko predates Ugboroke both as an explored territory, and settlements alongside that of his stepfather.

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There is no precise record when Ugborikoko was founded, however, from the signatories of the persons who entered into protectorate treaty with the British Imperial representatives in 1892, the earliest recorded treaty in the whole of the Warri Metropolis by indigenous people, who are all third generation of Ugborikoko descendants, it can be conjectured arithmetically that Ugborikoko may have been founded in the later part of the 16th century.

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