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Ifeacho Says Covid 19 Has Exposed Collusions Of Leaders

Brother Godwin Ifeacho, the President of God’s Kingdom Society (GKS), has said, the Coronavirus pandemic otherwise known as Covid-19 has exposed collusions of world leaders on pretext of democracy.

Making the assertion during the 2020 Christian Feast of Tabernacles held at the Church Headquarters Salem City, in Warr, Delta State, Godwin Ifeacho stated that “unfortunately those masses look up to for help, because of human frailty, greed, and sheer confusion have been found to be part of the problem, rather than the solution”.

He lamented that “even with the adoption of democracy as a system of government in many countries of the world, many people have found to their utter disappointment that it does not necessarily promote farness, equity and justice.

According to the Ifeacho, “billionaires in the world rose significantly this year while the level and number of poor people increased worldwide as the rich bought up the small companies that could not survive the strains of the Coronavirus pandemic and many people lost their jobs.

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“Millions are being thrown out into the streets because they cannot pay their rents, so many are dying every day because of Coronavirus, hunger and other diseases, while many are languishing in pain because they cannot afford medical care,” he added.

Ifeacho noted that “even in the technologically advanced countries of the world, there are widening gasps between the rich and the poor.”

In his message to user in 2021 titled, “Look Up And Lift Up Your Heads For Your Redemption” the cleric expressed concern that the conditions on earth are worsening in spite of the efforts of a number of leaders in the world to improve public welfare.

The cleric submitted that only God could provide panacea to the people’s suffering and woes, urging all and sundry to “turn to God who has the solution”.

He also called on mankind not to rely on their efforts and ability and that of their various governments in solving the increasing world problems but to totally turn to God and seek righteousness with faith, and as well forsake sins and wickedness so as to enjoy peace and God’s blessing.


“They should look to no one else but God Almighty who has since given notice that He would soon bring this evil world to and end under the reign of His appointed King, Jesus Christ” he said.

Godwin Ifeacho affirmed that only God can solve the world problems but that mankind needs to seek God diligently as well as being righteous and forsake corruption, greed, religious extremism by unnecessary termination of life, kidnapping, rituals, assassination, armed robbery, fornications, cultism, hatred, political rivalry and war.

He then prayed for God’s continuous peace, love, blessing and protection for mankind, particularly Nigeria that was undergoing turbulence, crisis and tribulations of various degrees.

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