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Implement Endsars Demand For Better Nigeria Awala Tells Buhari
Implement Endsars Demand For Better Nigeria Awala Tells Buhari

The President of Nigeria Welders and Fitters Union (NIWELFU) Comrade Joseph Awala Inone has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to implement the five point demand ENDSARS protesting Nigeria youths across the globe.

Comrade Awala Inone who break his silent to speak for the first time since the beginning of the ENDSARS protest asserted in his speech that, the youths have made their points very clear and President Buhari has equally admitted that the demands are relevant and worthwhile, all hands need to be on deck now to ensure that the implementation of their request does not nose dive or run into the twist and turns of the usual tangles which truncate government laudable ideas vision.

Chief Awala the (NIWELFU) boss therefore urge members of the national assembly both senators and members of the House of Representatives, Ministers, Director Generals of different Ministries Department and Agencies of government to play their respective roles holistically to ensure that the youths who spent over ten days on the road with some of them dying in the process does not go in vain.


Awala appealed to President Buhari to take the matter seriously by making sure that all hands are indeed on deck to deliver the demands of the youths, warning that any attempt to politicize their request will amount to postponement of a rainy day which will bring nothing good for Nigeria our dear nation.

He explained that what the children are asking for is a clear road map on how Nigeria can get out of the economic quagmire we found ourselves due to our own fiscal recklessness ‘and rascality.

According to Chief Awala, the demands of the ENDSARS is all about the fundamentals which should be taken as a catalyst to shoot the governing authorities to do the right thing for the general growth and development of Nigeria.

He added: “People in position of authority must understand that they are being watched, anything that do contrary to the interest of Nigerians can attract the worth of the masses.


Speaking further he remarked thus: “Government at all levels should be proactive, let us not wait for protest before identifying.

Chief Awala the labour boss observed that it is ridiculous for Nigerian leaders to think of themselves as modern Pharaohs and Caesars, stressing that they should not shut their ears to the voice of the masses but must listen to the cry of the people which is the primary function of government.

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