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Is There Such Thing As Good Pride?

Studio Praiz
Studio Praiz

Good Pride

One of the deadliest dangers is that of pride. But in discussing pride, we must always remember this fact: there is both good, healthy pride and a bad, unhealthy pride. James 4:10, Micah 6:5

Good, healthy pride is acceptable because it is a deep sense of self-respect and of confidence in one’s abilities to do things – to act, work, achieve, and succeed.

On the other hand, bad, unhealthy pride is unacceptable because it thinks too highly of self and exalts self over others. It is a deep sense of feeling better; of more value and worth than other people.

If you are walking humbly with God, you will not be proud or self-reliant, depending only on your own strength.

Rather; you will continually seek strength from God, calling on Him to help you, guide you, and deliver you from temptation.

Walking humbly with God means you will not seek honor for your own name but for God’s Name. All of this is because you know that it is God who has gifted and enabled you to achieve and succeed.

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Therefore, you want the honor and glory to be His. This is what it means to walk humbly with God.

Study Questions

Were you aware that there is a good pride and a bad pride? Do you lean more towards one over the other?

What is a tangible way you can combat bad pride from creeping in?

What does it look like for you to humbly walk with God?

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