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National Assembly
National Assembly

The National Assembly Budget compared to the National security advisers’ budget of about 120 billion and SGF office of about 70 billion is meant for the following.

  1. Salary of over 3000 Civil Servants in the National Assembly Budget
  2. Salary of over 3000 Legislative Aids
  3. Fund the National Institute of legislative studies capital and recurrent expenditure
  4. National Assembly Service commission capital and recurrent expenditure
  5. Salaries and running cost of Senators and Reps members
  6. Capital expenditures of the national assembly etc.

Nigerians are ignorant of the fact that the National Assembly Budget is less than 1 percent of Nigerian budget and this amount can’t even hire quality consultants by committees to help check the massive corruption in the executive who Control over 90% of the Nigeria budget.

It’s unfortunate that Nigerians believe the sponsored campaign by the executive against the legislature without which there is no democracy.

An interaction with a Vice chancellor of one of the universities in Nigeria make one think twice about our level of reasoning as Nigerians, he said that the legislators collecting #25,000,000 monthly.


 And he insisted that it was a prominent person that said so, yes somebody had said so, but been prominent isn’t enough reason for someone like you (a professor) to believe in whatever they said.

How Much is Nigeria Budget?

The proposed 2021 is 128B, bring out a calculator lets calculate, multiply 25m by 469 Sen. and reps, he said the answer is 11,725,000,000 I asked him to multiply by 12 Months he said 140,700,000,000 then I simply asked him sir who’s balancing us 12,700,000,000 he couldn’t say a word.

I laughed and said don’t forget sir, we have NASC which have not less than 3500 civil servants we have management staff with permanent secretaries, in house of reps we have 101 standing committees each committee is headed by a clerk who is either a director, deputy director or ass.

Director with his staff don’t  talk of ad-hoc committees the same thing apply to the Senate we have NILS which is University we have 5 aids each we  have national complain commission I took him on and on he looked at me and said why are you not telling Nigerians I said most of them don’t want to hear us, all they know is 128B for 469 legislators.


I asked how many % of the budget have been implemented Our discussion continued

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