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It was PDP’s Senator Sekibo, a concerned Niger-Deltan from River State, who moved an unanimously approved motion for the Senate to probe the NDDC IMC for alleged financial recklessness and scams.

It is definitely unpatriotic to believe that such NDDC IMC motion to know the truth of the troubling allegations should have somehow been swept under the carpet.

As always the case with the self-harming ‘paddy paddy’ politics of the Niger Delta, some who may have soiled their hands in the NDDC may have thought that just because he is a Niger Deltan, DSP Senator Ovie Omo-Agege would ‘help’ them to avoid the Senate resolution. But it does not work that way.

It is not the duty of smart leaders to corrupt and undermine national institutions and due process. The radar of a true statesman has no place for primordial sentiments and unpatriotic expectations.

The statesman has no business with what defiles the law and the integrity of public institutions. This is because institutions are and must always be bigger than men.

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We know that for the Obarisi, it is better not to even entertain the wild thought that he would be moved by  NDDC IMC ‘kpekpekpe’ hallucinations to ‘help’ alleged looters. That is why it is safer and in the best interest of such characters to simply do right by the law, morality and due process.

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