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Niger Delta Struggles Is Not Ijaw Struggle Umukoro
Niger Delta Struggles Is Not Ijaw Struggle Umukoro

Comrade Efemena Umukoro, has stated that the Nigeria government only celebrates thugs and armed robbers, adding that the Niger Delta struggles is not Ijaw struggle.

Comrade Umukoro stated this recently while speaking to Journalist at Abraka in Ethiope East local government area of Delta state, saying that because Urhobo do not believe in arm struggle, doesn’t mean that the federal government should take them for granted in the Niger Delta struggles.

He noted that since this scam called amnesty came up, it has only favored the Ijaw people and that is why terrorism has come to stay in this country.

“If they don’t bring Ijaw from Ondo State, they will bring the ones from Bayelsa State or River State. The fact that the Urhobos do not believe in arm struggle, doesn’t mean that the federal government should take us for granted.

I wrote a letter to the president on this amnesty issue because the Niger Delta struggles is not the Ijaw struggle”, he said.


Speaking further he said “we have credible young men from the Urhobo nation that can hold key positions like SA to the President on amnesty. Because the Urhobo people do not blow oil pipelines, kidnap foreigners, they believe in talking issues over, but that doesn’t make us fools.

Umukoro noted that Asari Dokubo and Kelvin were both involved in arm struggle; Asari was called a freedom fighter while Kelvin was called a kidnapper, adding that the Urhobo people are being marginalized in the Nigeria marriage.

“Our son Kelvin has been kept in prison for years, we don’t know his whereabouts. What’s the difference between Kelvin and Asari Dokubo?

Kelvin who fought for the Urhobos in Kokori has oil in his community and his community is one of the poorest in Delta State.

“Asari Dokubo said he is fighting for the Niger Deltans but he owns a University in Benin Republic.

Why didn’t he bring it to Bayelsa, so that those people from the creeks can attend”? why is he developing another man’s land and claims to be fighting for the Niger Delta?

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He had the got to say in on television that he dropped the highest number of ammunition and everyone is clapping for him and nobody is talking and we want Boko Haram to end” he added.

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