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A Nollywood star and a lecturer in the Department of Theatre and Film Studies, University of Port Harcourt, Dr Sam Dede, has expressed regrets that the nation’s creative industry, Nollywood, is not well structured to put food on the table of the practitioners.

Rockson Akpotiri Igelige, stated that government should give attention to the implementation of copyright act to enable art creators in Nollywood benefits from their works.

Sam Dede, who is an expert in film and television production, acting voice and speech training, stated the need for restructuring of Nollywood to benefit all the person involved in productions process.

They spoke at a one-day sensitization programme on “Legal Perspectives to Management of Creative Industry, for students of Theater Art.

Igelige and Dede insisted that provisions should be made on how other crew members involved in film production would benefit from their intellectual input in every Project.

He said: “I think you know the creative industry in Nigeria is still not probably structure in such a way that it puts money in the pocket of the practitioners and that is what we have been talking about for many years.

“We need to sit down and look at the model to rejig the system in such a way that the practitioners, those crew members that we over look and ignore, begin something reasonable from a movie project.

“Because the movie producers own the right for life. And the people who put heads together, their intellectual properties that make the movie come alive only go home, it shouldn’t be like that.

“Let’s find a way that people benefit from their works. They must properly be acknowledged and the practitioners need to restructure their association, so that each work you do count for you in the next work.”

However, Barr. Igelige said the Nigeria movie industry Nollywood, has the potential to contribute to the nation’s economy, calling on the government to invest in entertainment.

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