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Great Ogboru

Delta state APC debunked rumours making rounds that him Chief Great Ogboru, the gubernatorial candidate of APC in the last state governorship election is planning to dump the party to LP.

This purported planned defection from APC, is the machinations of mischief makers who are bent on dragging Chief Ogboru name to the mud.

The attention of All Progressives Congress, Delta State has been drawn to a publication on local newspaper/ online media alleging that Chief Great Ogboru, the 2019 gubernatorial candidate and leader of the party in a cooked up sponsored rumour purporting his defection to a floundering failing Labour Party (Lp)

“Ordinarily, APC/Chief Ogboru wouldn’t have bothered to respond to this reckless mundane rumour cooked by the basest of minds but for his teaming supporters, members of All Progressives Congress (APC) and the good people of Delta State, who this rumour is targeted at.

Let it be established that chief Ogboru is firmly of the APC, and nurses no plan to leave the Party to any other Party. Chief Ogboru cannot leave the APC, a party he has joined in building, in both state and national, to the very top of political and government efficiency.


The fact is not lost to Chief Ogboru, that this latest defection story is the handiwork of propagandists and the ‘Never do well’ it is sad that while they should be focussed on the task of joining hands with Chief Ogboru working towards the success and Progress of the party, they have instead formed an army of criminal and serial fraudsters with the goal of devaluing our dear party, attacking characters they finds superior to themselves, spurning a good chance of improving APC in Delta State.

Chief Ogboru is the pot which prepared and cooked APC in Delta State. It is so sad to hear so a nasty toru from the pit of hell coming from people who are supposed to be members of the APC.

Chief Ogboru reminisced on the pivotal role he played as opposition right from the onset since year 2000 where he solely floated a group called South-South Rainbow Coalition (SSRC) Since the advent of that pressure group that grow from just pressure group to a political party

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“Alliance for Democracy “AD which metamorphosed to DPP where the party produced Ten House of Assembly members and a Senator in 2011 general election.

Thereafter from DPP to Labour Party “LP” that produced the current Deputy Senate President Sen. Omo Agege and two house of Assembly member in 2015 and finally joined All Progressive Congress APC where he won the party ticket to contest the governorship position.

Chief Great Ogboru has been in opposition and never compromised his political will against the will of his followers, he listens to his followers and believes in the liberation of the state from PDP.

Chief Ogboru who is APC Bride in Delta State today remains the only opposition who has never pitch tent with PDP in his quest to govern the State, he’s very humane and generous to his followers.


Felix Ogbotor Okpako

Publicity Secretary APC Delta State.

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