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Ogboru, Senator Agege, Emerhor Dazed By PDP Delta Central Mega Rally

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Studio Praiz

Ogboru, Senator Agege, Emerhor Dazed By PDP Delta Central Mega Rally

The political Tsunami which saw the defection of over 5,000 members of the opposition, APC to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) at PDP Delta Central Mega Rally last Wednesday 12th September 2018, left acute pains and agony in the hearts of three major stakeholders of APC and their supporters in the state.

Reliable sources close to the Waring leaders of Delta APC, disclosed that the APC Light of Labour leader, Chief Great Ogboru and his emergency political associate and world renowned mace runner, Senator Augustine Ovie Omo Agege blamed their acute political enemy and leader of APC Delta Mainstream, Olorogun Otega Emerhor, for the misfortune that befell the party last Wednesday during the PDP Delta Central Mega Rally.

Ogboru, was said to have repeatedly issued curses on Emerhor for strategising to disrupt his last and only chance left for him to become Governor in 2019. The source further revealed that Senator Agege swore to give Emerhor the worst political battle of his entire life for daring to challenge his ambition of returning to the red-chambers in 2019.

Emerhor on the other hand boasted that he shall empty his big financial pockets to rusticate and jeopardise the self centered and misconceived ambitions of the duo of Ogboru and Agege, for back-stabbing him after they lured him (Emerhor) to do-away with his key resource persons and ardent supporters.

The source further noted that because of Emerhor’s political inexperience he was deceived by the unscrupulous duo of Senator Agege and Ogboru to step on toes and drop some of his core loyalists as a pre-condition for reconciliation in 2016 and to solely depend on their (Ogboru-Agege) structures for his negotiation of political appointments with the Presidency and office of the Secretary to the Federal Government, a proposal Emerhor accepted and acted upon to the last letter, making him vulnerable and weak for his political detractors.

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Emerhor was quoted as saying that with Ogboru and Senator Agege’s structures he had no need for personal political structure hence he instructed the Executive Director Project of NDDC, Engr Samuel Adjogbe to appoint Ogboru and Senator Omo Agege’s loyalists as his Aides to the detriment of those who laboured with him (Emerhor) during the 2015 gubernatorial elections.

It was further revealed that Emerhor had to lobby Transportation Minister, Chief Rotimi Amaechi and others to give his former Director of Media and Political Communication, Dr Fred Larimore Oghenesivbe, a juicy federal board appointment so as to lure him back to assist in fighting media battles with Ogboru faction when it became obvious that the two wise men (Ogboru/Agege) tricked him to do away with his best brains. Oghenesivbe however rejected the appointment on moral and ethical grounds as a minister in the temple of justice.

Barrister Jesutega Onokpasa, was also ditched by Emerhor at a time he totally relied on the Agege/Ogboru political structure to hustle Ministerial appointment for himself, EDP NDDC for Engr Samuel Adjogbe and others. He succeeded to install Adjogbe as EDP NDDC but failed in his ministerial bid, and at the end he got a federal board chair appointment.

Both Dr Barrister Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe and Barrister Jesutega Onokpasa, left Emerhor in absolute regret for not showing strong political leadership and for relying on Ogboru/Agege political structures for political relevance. The duo of Oghenesivbe and Onokpasa left APC and returned to their first love, PDP; and we’re promptly offered appointments as Executive and Senior Aides to Senator Dr Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, the Smart Governor of Delta State.


Close to preparations for 2019 elections, Ogboru and Agege played out their final well organised script with the help of the new Chairman of APC, Mr Adams Oshiomole, by rusticating the Cyril Ogodo led APC state exco and gave leadership of the state party to Otega Emerhor’s former core loyalist, Mr Jones Erue, another victim of Emerhor’s political inexperience. Erue was APC Delta Party Chairman during 2015 gubernatorial elections and was also rubbished by Olorogun Emerhor.

That was how Emerhor sacrificed all his resource men on the altar of political mediocrity, before Ogboru and Agege back stabbed him for the pains he caused them during the 2015 gubernatorial elections in Delta State. It’s time for revenge and they are determined to get their pound of flesh from Emerhor in 2019.

It follows that the PDP Delta Central Mega Rally held at the Ughelli Township Stadium last Wednesday further fractured the bleeding strain relationship between the clueless warlords who are gambling with words in order to undo themselves at the APC party primaries. Both factions are stock pilling arsenals for a fight of political supremacy that promises to bury APC, once and for all, in Delta State.

It was alleged that Emerhor being the major beneficiary of NDDC juicy contracts since Adjogbe became EDP, vowed to cramp Ogboru and Agege through buying of delegates with hard curriences at the primaries, a development Adams Oshiomole and the Buhsrists behind Agege are working very hard to dislodge.

Oshiomole was alleged to have told some members of APC NWC that Emerhor do not have the political structure to withstand the sagacity of Ibori/Okowa political structure and as such recommended to President Muhammadu Buhari to ignore the noise from Emerhor’s faction and concentrate on how Ogboru and Agege can struggle to garner support for the party with the belief that it’s better for APC to loose gallantly in Delta State come 2019, than to fumble under Emerhor’s political inexperience as was the case in 2015.


Thus, Oshiomole’s hope in Delta State was further frustrated and rubbished by the mesmerizing outcome of PDP Delta Central Mega Rally, the home and political base of Emerhor and Agege. Both warlords are from Ughelli North in Delta Central Senatorial District where PDP Delta Central unleashed pains on APC through defection of 5,000 members of the party to PDP in deliberate and timely support for the re-election of Gov. Okowa in 2019.

The PDP mega rally came as a political thunderstorm and left an unforgettable impression in the minds of Emerhor, Senator Ovie Omo Agege, Great Ogboru and Adams Oshiomole, to the extent that the Presidency is alleged to have set up a 15-man committee to investigate and recommend the immediate and remote causes of the clueless struggle for political supremacy between Light of APC and Delta APC Mainstream.

However, Oshiomole is not in a hurry to inaugurate the committee because of his strong belief that Emerhor can be checkmated before, during and after party primaries. Oshiomole frustration cannot be overemphasized; his hope of fulfilling his desire to unseat Gov Okowa in 2019, is neither here nor there, as the multiple award-winning Smart Governor of Deltans State wax stronger by the day.

By Fred Oghenesivbe (EA Communications).

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