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Oyibokwifi Felicitate With Nigerians At 60th Independence Celebration Akpoveta
Oyibokwifi Felicitate With Nigerians At 60th Independence Celebration Akpoveta

Hon. Oyibokwifi John, the Senior Legislative Aide to His Excellency, DSP Ovie Omo-Agege, as a stalwart of APC Delta State have joined meaning Nigerians home and in Diaspora alongside foreigners to celebrate her great country Nigeria and wish the country well as she clocks 60 years of independence.

You will agree with me Oyibokwifi that, it’s better to die on your feet than to live on your kneels Nigerians were once treated as slaves by our colonial masters, we lived by what they tell us, we moved by the gear they put us, our culture and traditions were of no importance to them, We ate when they are done eating.

We did virtually everything under their directives but 60+ some groups of intellectuals raised a collective and united voice to demand FREEDOM of which we are enjoying for 60 years today.

Tribal affiliations, religious believes and educational qualifications were ignored for Unity Sake to fight the monster of colonisation. The victory over colonisation by the likes of Nnamdi Azike, Tafawa Balewa, etc opened a new era of socialisation, educational, political settings.


Nigeria is virgin land, We accept the fact that Nigeria is not where we all expected it to be so far, despite our rich cultural heritage and traditions, our huge revenue generation, our large chunks of natural resources spread all over the 36 States and the FCT, but the fact remains that, we are moving as a Nation and we shall surely get to that promised land that we all are dreaming of.

A time when every man will be equal in the sight of the law when poverty will be reduced to its minimum when there won’t be a case of unemployment when youth restiveness will not be heard of or known by a future generation, when leaders shall be accountable and reliable to those they were called to serve and when Nigeria will take it a place among developed nations.

Nigeria and Nigerians still have the potentials to be greater, we can dominate our continent, #AFRICA, once again in Education, Sport, Politics, Policies, Economical Growth, Infrastructural Development, Human Capital Development, Traditions, Culture, Tourism, etc. We can rise above our challenges of poor representation of the people, tribal ethnic and religious crisis, poor infrastructures, educational decays, insecurity, Power failures, bad roads, inflation, corruption from all sectors, oppression, depression and undue competition.


Nigeria can win these wars against societal falls if we can #UNITE once more as a people and as a country. Unity is the key for our achievement, Heaven respects UNITY too, according to Gen 1:26, 11:4, the power of Unity brought great works to play on Earth. Nigerians can do better if our hearts and souls are united to plan and execute that beautiful land and pictures hidden in us all.

The North should see that they need the South to do better and the South should know that they need the North to do better too.

Nigeria can be greater. Nigeria can do better. Our people can give and get the best. Let’s believe in the Nigerian’s dream. Let’s put away the bitterness of wanting to break




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