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Oyibokwifi Ighoruemu John The Best Man For Ughelli South

Oyibokwifi Ighoruemu John

Oyibokwifi Ighoruemu John

Oyibokwifi Ighoruemu John, A square peg in a square hole is what is required for the task ahead. We are in a 21st century whereby development is the agendum of the day.

Weak machines are being put away for most jobs because, the task at hand requires smart and fast machines for a good and perfect work to be achieve. A system whereby every time wasted is a great loss to development and growth.

We in Ughelli South can’t waste any bit of time by slacking behind to do the needful.

Oyibokwifi Ighoruemu John, is a 21st century leader and he’s poised to deliver the needed development of the constituency come 2019.

With his creative nature and leadership roles displayed overtime is an assurance that the future is bright for the Ughelli South constituency.

Oyibokwifi Ighoruemu John is a man that is selfless in service, an epitome of humility, a cone of respect for law and other, he’s a fired leader for quality and a quantitative representation.

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Leaders, party members and followers, let’s queue behind a pragmatic, realist and a sincere mandate to deliver human and capital development for all constituency members, A mandate that is coupled with the fear of the Creator and the fear of no created.




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