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The Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has travelled to Dubai to undertake the next phase of his rehabilitation in warm weather conditions.

The 28-year-old Paul Pogba reported for international duty with France at the beginning of last week and unfortunately suffered an injury while training. 

Paul Pogba is now working diligently on his rehabilitation and on Wednesday afternoon he posted two images to supporters via social media, with the caption “recovery mode on”.

After sustaining his injury with France, Paul also shared a video message with fans to state that he will remain positive and would hopefully be back in action soon.

“We don’t lose faith, we don’t lose the positive vibe,” said Pogba last week.

“Keep smiling, everything happens for a reason, we’re blessed still and we’re going to come back, and we keep it up. That’s how it is. 

“Thank you again for the support, all love, god bless you all and we’re going to be back soon.”

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