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I go today to the basics of politics and good manners to illustrate the topic of the day. This is because the issues at stake are about leadership, management and perception and they are issues not taught or learnt   totally    in any laboratory of science or academia of human thought.

They are issues learnt in the faculty of politics and human experience and baked in the red-hot oven of good background and   thorough moral   upbringing.

Today, we talk about leaders and I start on the first premise that the ‘hood does not make the monk‘ and hedge  that on with the second observation that’ not all that glitters is gold’ .

Let me first acknowledge that the   global epidemic has upset the known and unknown capabilities of politicians as practitioners in political systems all over the world    to govern   successfully   and effectively.

It has tasked both their innate and intellectual capacities to govern politically   which is their core duty, since politics, their domain, pursuit, or undertaking is defined succinctly as   deciding on’ who gets, what when and how’.

So politics by its nature places enormous responsibility and   pressure on politicians. But   the pandemic is no respecter of all or anybody, including politicians.

So, we can safely assume that the pandemic has put more pressure on politicians in terms of the hazards of the job they are doing as leaders of their governments and political systems than the rest of us

Politicians, therefore, as leaders   of us, the   people, face the double   hazard of   avoiding   the pandemic, both personally     first, and    secondly   on our behalf as   followers    so   as not to create panic and to    avert a power vacuum from nagging, disrespectful   and blind pandemic. 

The    politician or leader in our time    is a full   time intellectual   and   political   juggler   aiming     to keep ahead of the rest of us    as leader of the pack, while   keeping an eye on an un relenting   pandemic in pursuit of both the leaders as well as the followers.


It   follows logically therefore   that leadership or politics, indeed, the leadership   of society     places enormous   burden and    more exposure to hazards   of the job   to     politicians’ daily undertakings   or     way     of life, than most other professions.

Just as a dedicated psychiatrist can be excused on displaying   some crazy tendencies to be explained away as hazards of the job or a criminologist can sometime be   overlooked for   incredible   or   near      criminal disposition    on the   grounds    of    say    his job environment or   pollution.

Similarly, a politician is often taken   for granted as someone who speaks from both sides of his mouth to get his way    or will     which invariably, is power at  campaigns and elections.

Which   again    is to say that mendacity is part of the easy   apparel of credibility, sustenance   or survival    of the street wise or accomplished politician   in   political systems   nowadays.

I will illustrate these seemingly contentious   observations with good examples today.

The aim is not to glorify such tactics but to show they are endemic in politics, and more  so in this era  of  a killing  pandemic    with   the attendant  hydra headed   and taxing  hazards of the job  for  global  politicians .

I    will use   two, examples.

The first is the obvious one and ‘primus inter pares. ‘Which is the story   of the 45th President of the USA, Donald  Trump  whose reputation for  lies is such that even  Colin Powell former US Secretary  of State  recently  condemned  him    for ‘lying too much.

‘I really  do not  agree  totally  with Colin  Powell  or the  CNN which  has on line catalogue  of Trump  lies, but  I will  come to that later . The  second  is the bitter rancor  in the leadership of the APC in  Edo  State that has led to  the disqualification of the Governor Godwin  Obaseki  to seek  re- election on the party’s platform  and the   confirmation   of the suspension of the APC Chairman  veteran  trade   unionist and  politician   Adams   Oshiomhole  by the ruling of a Court of Appeal  decision subsequently.

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The  interesting thing here is that  both issues  are  mutually  exclusive in consequence  even  though  like   some  court judgements   they  run  concurrently in terms  of outcome  and finality .

I go  back to  Donald  Trump  who   I believe   for good or bad ,  is the most  vilified president in American  history .

He  was branded a liar by CNN  because  he called CNN ‘ fake news ‘ and that  was sufficient to send him to the gallows of eternal  doubt    and  mendacity . Fortunately for him his supporters don’t  see him as a liar and disbelieve CNN instead as fake news

But  Trump  too has been too egoistic and overbearing in running the government as a subsidiary of  Trump Incorporated . 

That  is a dictatorial    corporate, hire and fire   style,    totally    incompatible with  a democracy in which he must  renew power in an  election due in November this year. 

The  pandemic has been  an unforeseen foe that has crippled his plans and has consequently stretched his wafer thin credibility on the entrance, size  and impact of the pandemic   which     he   desperately   wants   to wish away.

Just   as  his  opponents see that as the Achilles heel  of  his  hitherto   bright   reelection   chances  before the pandemic, now compounded with his heartless  handling of the George Floyd racial  killing and blind support  for  the police in the name of  being  ‘ a president  of law and order.

Trump is in a quandary of credibility with his endless tweets which have belittled   and beclouded    his credibility.  

In   the same way    they have created immense obstacles   and befuddlement on his path to reelection, hich looked rosy before a pandemic that has no respect for leaders, their elections, political life or future, took the stage globally.

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In Nigeria, the Edo State APC primaries issue is case of poor   sensitivity   and     judgement on the part of the APC Chairman.

Indeed, the Court of Appeal upholding of his suspension is a real sword of Damocles that dropped   on his neck    at the right time to make his punishment a real deterrent on making malice a political instrument to destroy political   opponents.

 Fortunately, or not, his victim had resigned himself to his fate, and   resigned from the APC   before the judgement.

He    was blaming lack of education for his displacement before the Appeal  Court ouster of his tormentor  came in from the blues . Like ‘ a  Daniel  Come  to Judgement  ‘ in that   famous Shakespeare play ‘ Merchant  of  Venice’ on  justice   and ‘the pound of flesh ‘ saga.

There is a lesson  here on credibility and mendacity in the way that  a  governor installed by a godfather on his educational  credentials  can be equally  removed  from  office by the same  hand that put him  on the throne with  the disgrace and dissolution of the same educational  credentials. 

hat  is  vintage  political abradacabra  which makes one    wonder at the sort of profession ,  background    or  skills  that  could  have  imposed  such  a   propensity    or  hard    hazard  of the  job  on  any  politician ,  at this  age and time.

The moral    here  is that  justice is blind and the saying is apt  that ‘ the mills  of justice may grind  slowly , but they  grind  exceedingly fine. ‘   No matter the hazards of the job in politics or any other human endeavor.

Again; From the fury of this raging pandemic,   Good Lord Deliver Nigeria Amen .

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