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POWER: When the person who ought to stop you from crying becomes the one who makes you cry is a clear indication that u need to be liberated by another before you can stop Crying.

No matter how influential and powerful you might be with all the power, try to treat people with CIVILITY… Because you will need/see them tomorrow when climbing down from the top.

We were all here when our Muslim brothers broke the state government order on Ban of worship. Nothing happened, heaven didn’t fall and our overzealous Chairman with all power didn’t mobilize to stop them.

I guess he was afraid of the unknown or unseen actions that might greet him if he tries any funny move.

We can’t equally say we have forgotten that it was in one of his community (Agadama) that Fulani herdmens killed his Youth numbering 10 and raped several women, he didn’t show bravery by engaging this assailant and ensuring he chase them away from the Bush…

He displayed his coward side and brought in his religious teachings of Peace and harmony because he was AFRAID.

Now It is the turn of vulnerable old women whom some of them are the bread winners of their families Mr Overzealous chairman became very BOLD and he displayed bravery by scattering and destroying perishable goods of his own constituent…

What a sad move! Do u come home to showcase your power by intimidating your people or u use your power to protect those at home?

Yes, I agree with all logical thinkers, that these women broke the law by trading on a Sunday (instead of Mon, wed and Sat) but is there no better ways of enforcing the law than humiliating these women?


If someone else is seen doing this evil against his people what would be his action?

The lockdown that was introduced by the government is to help stop the virus from spreading and its effect is empirical to the poor families. there is hungry and anger in the Land.

As a leader, one should expect that the chairman should show some LOVE AND CARE to his people, preach and sensitize them on the need to stay indoors, maintain social distancing, washing of hands frequently and use of face mask but Mr chairman is here using his temporary powers to remind the people of their weakness and what wicked leadership is all about …

I join other well-meaning Deltans to condemn the action of the Local Government Chairman of Ughelli North LGA .. It is barbaric, Uncivilised, needless and also an Abuse of Power.

Mr chairman should know we are practising DEMOCRACY and the best approach should have been to  ARREST  them hence they can  face the law since we already have a functioning  Mobile Court (M C) in the State .

If they are found guilty they will be punished and not taking laws into his hand as seen in the Viral video. Power is transient I hope Mr chairman knows.

I advise the LGA chairman as a matter of urgency  to apologize to the said Market women and make peace with them ( Person when dem pray for never better nor be who dem curse go come make am )

Am Activist Kelly Efemena Umukoro aka Akima Onos writes from Asaba

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