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Re: Ogboru Is A Poor Manager Of Political Power, Deltans Must Reject

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Studio Praiz


Ogboru: In this period when politicians are desperate for votes, fiction has become a ready tool deployed to hoodwink unsuspecting voters.

This hackneyed writer portrayal of Chief Great Ogboru as a poor manager of power is a fictional narrative and not a factually based one.

Deltans as well as Nigerians know very well that the mandate of Deltans in successive elections given to Chief Great Ogboru to govern Delta State had been sabotaged by few powerful individuals who control the apparatus of power through which they shortchanged Deltans, as expressed in their clear preference for Chief Great Ogboru in their natural votes   by those who are against good governance but only desirous of clinging to power for personal aggrandisement.

So for the writer of the original piece to postulate that chief Great Ogboru mismanaged power which he never exercised by been in the saddle of government all these years inspite of the clear wishes of Deltans amounts to barefaced misrepresentation, designed to assassinate the character of this special being invested with so much talents to transform the lives of those within his orbit and the environment he lives in.

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It is strange that the writer is using results of the shambolic and rigged elections in 2007, 2010, 2011 and 2015 to calibrate the ever-surging goodwill of Chief Great Ogboru who is passionately loved by Deltans. Only recently no less a personality as Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan, a two-time governor of Delta state and chief beneficiary of the rigged processes, publicly acknowledged the fact that Chief Great Ogboru won those elections, but was rigged out.

On the spun narrative that chief Ogboru have difficulty in keeping persons together as members of a unified political family because of the differences in opinions and views of legislators elected under political platforms which Chief Ogboru elevated from obscurity to limelight. Those very differences in opinions and preferences is a testament to the democratic culture and values ingrained in Ogboru’s DNA.

It is on record that Chief Ogboru neither instigated the persecution of those who differed with him or defected to other political parties nor call for their expulsion from the parties under which they won the elections. If chief Ogboru were not a democrat but an autocrat, he certainly would have pushed for the expulsion of the legislators referred to by the writer which could have caused them the legislative seats.

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Only few persons who are rare to find will show the remarkable tolerance and understanding like Chief Ogboru exhibited in those tempting and trying periods.

Chief Great Ogboru has all it takes to transform Delta state through effective and transparent governance.

Deltans will not and cannot be misled by falsehood of conspirators bent on keeping the profligate PDP government in power.

Deltans will vote Ogboru and APC enmass, once again, in 2019.


Cogent Owhe

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