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Why Is Ogboru Against Okumagba Urhobo Interest In Nddc 1
Why Is Ogboru Against Okumagba Urhobo Interest In NddcMartins Aruviere

Ordinarily as state chairman of the party. I’m not supposes to get myself involved in such frivolities, but because this is coming from Martins Aruviere, a young man I hold at high esteem, I need to speak on this issue for purpose of clarity.

It is so unfortunate that someone with such international exposure and sound academic background as Martins Aruviere, who’s supposed to be a role model to our young people, someone who’s supposed to be amongst those calving the right path of truth and integrity for our youths to follow, now decided to stoop this low, to subject himself to such eye service lifestyle, in a bid to gain relevance, favour and upper hand, over his colleagues and fellow Aides.

Though the appointment of Chief Okumagba as the MD of the NDDC came to us in APC as a shocker, it was a thing of joy to some APC Urhobos, even though Chief Okomagba is from Delta South and not a core APC stalwart.

As the then Deputy State Chairman of the party, I personally felt a core APC member should have been the one appointed, not someone who was not known to the party. All the same I had no powers to determine who becomes what in the government.

I had  series of disturbing calls from APC members from across the state, protesting the appointment, that Chief Okumagba is a PDP man. I had to personally place a call to Chief Okumagba, who personally told me he has since started working with APC from behind. And pledged to be a faithful party man.

From my inference, he sounded very sincere, that he was ready to work with the party, though I’m just a human, my inference might be wrong, but I assured him of my support to ensure he’s screened and sworn in, since he has pledged to work with the party structure, to build a stronger and more virile APC in Delta State.

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As the highest Urhobo son in the hierarchy of the party executive committee in Delta State, I personally reached out to some of the notable Urhobo leaders in the party, for us to rally support for Chief Okumagba, to be inaugurated as the NDDC Managing Director.

I spoke with Chief Barr. Papa Patrick Ideh, who is like a father to us all, Chief Tuesday Onoge, a one time PG of the Urhobo Progress Union, Chief Evang. Sam Oteheri, the Chairman of Delta Central Elders/Leaders Caucus, Chief Barr. Adelabu Bojor, the Delta Central Chairman of APC, Dr. Mrs Janet Oyubu, the State Women Leader of the party and many others.

We summoned a meeting at Chief Oteheri’s residence in Warri, there we agreed to send a delegation to Abuja to meet with key leaders of the party, both within and outside Delta State. It was agreed that myself, Chief Oteheri, Chief Adelabu and Dr. Janet Oyubu should go to Abuja on behalf of the Delta Central APC leaders.

We went and met with Sen. Ovie Omo-Agege, the Deputy President of the Senate, who presumably projected Chief Bernard Okumagba, for the MD position.

The DSP told us he has been fighting to secure it, but that there were a lot of people from Delta State who were opposed to it, and that was giving him a hard time.

Amongst those we met with in our mission to cement the appointment of Chief Bernard Okumagba, included, but not limited to Sir, Richard Odibo, Chief Great Ogboru and other none Urhobo APC leaders.

On our first trip, we could not reach all we needed to reach, so after a week, myself and Chief Evang. Sam Oteheri, (the CEO of Samot Nig. Ltd.) had to repeat the journey back to Abuja, it was on this second journey we met with Chief Great Ogboru among others.

On approaching Chief Ogboru on the need for all Urhobos to rally support for Chief Bernard Okumagba to be inaugurated, he was very happy at the initiative, but he made it clear that it was not all about Urhobo, but Delta State at large.


He acknowledged that Chief Okumagba is a perfect gentleman, but he is more interested in who will deliver, to ensure even development for Delta and not just for the Urhobos.

Chief Ogboru agreed to do his bit to see that the board is inaugurated, and right there and then, he placed a call to The Honourable minister for Niger Delta and booked an appointment with him for the next day.

Chief Ogboru spoke with the minister and pleaded with him to allow the inauguration of the NDDC board to allow for speedy development of the Niger Delta region.

Martins Aruviere can see the effort he put forth, to ensure that Delta State and the entire Niger Delta gets started, until the President deemed it fit to put an Interim Management Committee (IMC) in place to oversee the affairs of the commission until the completion of the forensic audit.

Now for someone like Martins Aruviere who lives in England to just bump in from no where, to say things he has absolutely no idea of, and knows nothing about, just to do the bidding of his boss, and smear or try to pitch a good man against his people, is really disheartening. What is this generation turning into?

One thing I have to make clear here is that, we the Urhobos are no fools, when you say things like this, you only make the people know the real you.  Can you see the irony in your statement?

You claimed Chief Ogboru is against Urhobo for not supporting Chief Okumagba, then at same time, you said he projected his own name for the position of the Chairman of the Commission, so who’s Chief Ogboru?

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Is he not an Urhobo man too? So if he says an Urhobo man should leave for an Urhobo man to come in, is that an anti Urhobo move?

Unfortunately, my brother Martins, you were misled by whoever fed you with that information. Chief Ogboru was among those who stood by us, when we were struggling to ensure the board was inaugurated.

As for those of you who claim you were in support of the appointment of Chief Okumagba, can you tell the public your contributions to see to the inauguration of the board, as Urhobos?

At least I have told the public my little contributions, these journeys to Abuja cost over a million naira, do you know how the bills were paid?

Finally I want to use this opportunity to advise Barr. Aruviere and our young men who want to grow politically, smearing  good men, or blackmailing good people to climb, will lead you to no where. We must all be mindful of the fact that, as young people, we are the leaders of tomorrow.

If this is what we have to offer as youths, then I can categorically tell you today, that there would be no tomorrow for our incoming generation.

The bible says in the book of Timothy, that we must not allow any man to despise our youth. Let no man use you to achieve his evil agenda against any innocent man. I knew Chief Ogboru in 2017, through Agege Christopher, I was never his followers.

But today I can tell you without mincing words, that Chief Ogboru is a true Nationalist and a perfect gentleman, a lover of his people, the Urhobos and other Deltans alike, irrespective of tribe, status or religion.


Elvis Ayomanor.

Ag. State Chairman,

APC, Delta State.

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