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  1. Don’t argue with those who are ahead or greater than u in life otherwise you will never get to where they are. Because they will keep right information and explanation from you.


  1. Don’t argue with those below or lesser than you in life otherwise they will bring you down to their level. Because they lack experience and right explanation.


  1. Argue wisely with your equals and make sure your points are validly logical if tested, so that you can stand out from them over time. Because wrong argument will make you stupid and insignificant among them.


  1. Don’t ever disregard those who helped you at some critical time of your life even if they didn’t end well with you. Because only God knows what could have become of you now if they never helped at that point of your life.


  1. Emulate the strength of the people you look up to and learn from their weakness rather than condemning them because your personal weakness is enormously unpardonable.


  1. Don’t condemn those who have attained the height you dream of otherwise you may never get there and if by God’s grace and mercy you get there someday, your own measure of condemnation may be too much for you to bear.


  1. Don’t think you can do better than your leaders otherwise you will follow badly and end woefully. Because until you wear the crown you can’t feel the thorns.


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