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russian hackers target washington dc police in ransomware

Russian hackers have breached Washington DC police department’s database and have threatened to share information with criminal gangs unless it pays an unspecified ransom.

the Russian hackers speaking ransomware syndicate has claimed to have stolen sensitive data, including on informants, the police force said.

The cybercriminals posted screenshots on their dark web site supporting their claim to have stolen more than 250 gigabytes of data.

Details of the Russian hackers were revealed by the DC police department on Monday, which has asked the FBI to investigate the “unauthorised access” to its computer network.

There was no indication that any police operations were affected, and the force did not immediately say whether it had been hit by ransomware.

The Babuk group, a relatively new ransomware gang, said on its website that it had “downloaded a sufficient amount of information” from the database.

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