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The End of Political Recycle – Francis Duru

Studio Praiz
Studio Praiz

The End of Political Recycle – Francis Duru

As 2019 election draws close, we are beginning to see in clear terms the political ambitions of our so called “political gladiators”. Indeed, we have seen alignment and re-aligment, the momentum is rising and the stage is being set.

Since there is time for everything under the sun, the time to make a choice of who leads is almost upon us. These gladiators are set, but it begs the real question, are we truly set to see through their game plans and make the right choice?

Have we taken time to critically analyse what is unfolding? and begin to actively put the pieces together.

As much as I am interested in the national political direction of my beloved country Nigeria, I am taking keen interest in what choice we make in my beloved Imo state and indeed all political positions in Orlu senatorial zone.

It is no more news that our incumbent Governor (Gov. Rochas Okorocha), Senator Hope Uzodinma, Former Gov Ikedi Ohakim and many other present and past political office holders have declared interest to contest come 2019.


The incumbent Governor in particular has declared interest to contest for Orlu Senatorial district, what is more worrisome is the seemly tactical game that might eventually see him elected. Owing to the monumental leadership failure we have witnessed this past eight years under his watch and many others alike who have failed us through and through.

The tactical game I am talking about is not farfetched, the political alignment and re-alignment is one of the tools these political gladiators have prepared to deploy in ensuring that they have their way.

Therefore, it is imperative that we put on our lenses to see through their gimmicks and shock them to their bone marrow.

It is time to end the recycling of these political gladiators who have consciously made politics a career instead of the true purpose which is sense of responsibility. It is time to take our destiny back and be in control.



By: Francis Duru

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