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Not until each and every Urhobo Leader in Urhobo Nation understands that leadership is a relay and not a mere Sprint where you run individually and very importantly be acquitted with the common Understanding that a relay race entails passing it on to the next person and not just running to win.

Then the Urhobo Nation will continue to witnessed leadership failure, poor development, insufficient consumable intellectuals, and paramountly shall account for a great lack of inter-Generational transmission of its core leadership values to the next generation…

Urhobo leaders must understand one thing that leadership is not about maintaining followers but raising leaders and successors So before we must ascribe that an individual is a leader per excellence in our blissful Urhobo Nation he should be first and foremost measured upon the degree of diminishing dependency of his followers and the people around him/her because as a great leader you must learn to empower your followers to the extent that they won’t longer need you to survive…

Conclusively Urhobo Leaders should start focusing their minds and attentions on building legacies at the same time successors that will live after them as well that they might live forever….

Let them stop fighting for positions and appointments at the age 60,65,70 they should learn to leave for the younger generation…


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