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Urhobo Youths Lets Work Together To Attain One Goal Okagbare

Urhobo youths in Politics, don’t let the PDP and APC unfriendly spirit destroy our long existing brotherhood as Sons and Daughters of Urhobo Nation.

Let’s reason together as blood Brothers and Sisters working towards achieving one goal, which is to develop our beloved ancient ancestral motherland, the Urhobo Nation.

The upcoming 2023 governorship election in Delta State demand we unite and defeat the enemy the progress within us and outside Urhobo Nation.

If you pledge to protect the interest of Urhobo Nation here’s a call you must answer. Prepare your mind and resources towards the enthronement of an Urhobo man as Governor of Delta State come 2023.

Urhobo enemies of progress are patiently waiting for us not to unite towards the upcoming election. But i know, you and I will defeat their evil plans.

As we journey in preparation for the election, we need to build a wall of unity to enable us hold back their bribe and evil juicy offer.

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Kindly note that going forward, no amount of money and Political promise is enough for you and I to betray the long existing sacred love we share as brothers and sisters.

They have introduced the divide and run system. But with unity we will defeat them.

Please join me, as we create a state flowing with prosperity for our generations and that of our brothers whom are occupying the Delta South and North senatorial district of Delta State. Together we will unite Delta State and build a state of our dreams.

Thanks, and God bless. Ochuko Okagbare

Urhobo Daily

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