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Waive assures constituents

Rt. Hon. (Rev) Francis Ejiroghene Waive assures constituents of concrete and visible dividends of democracy, the member representing Ughelli and Udu Federal Constituency made this known in a meeting with members of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ).

The federal lawmaker, Waive said he was poised to break the old order of traditional politicians who at the end of their tenure have little or nothing on ground to show for their representation.

Speaking during a meeting with members of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Ughelli Correspondents’ Chapel at his constituency office in Ughelli recently, Rev Waive identified corruption as one of the factors that influenced both elected and appointed public officials, because of the social pressure mounted on them by intimate members of the public.

Waive said the tendency to gratify and meet the teeming demands of constituents often tempted public officials to divert fund meant for constituency development projects to satisfy the personal needs and demands of constituents, close friends and allies whose times become difficult to resist.

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According to him, since the commencement of the 9th national assembly, he has been inundated with pressures from many quarters, saying that, if not that he is solidly grounded on the purpose and vision of his mandate, he could possibly have fallen prey to the temptation.

I do not know where there is money to steal and if I know, I do not know how to steal and I will never steal. Every kobo that is given to constituents, friends and allies to meet their social demands is money meant for development projects in the constituency and when such fund is diverted, we end up having such constituency development projects not executed or abandoned or sometimes sold out to other areas and the surplus of the proceeds is pocketed.

I have come to spoil the game. I am not going to do things the usual way because I am not one of those traditional politicians. By the end of my tenure, my constituents will ask if it was possible for a lawmaker to attract and execute such a number of development projects to his constituency.


He appealed to his constituents to bear with him if he was not readily disposed to doling out cash to settle their personal social demands, stressing that, he, among others, has been a victim of such unwarranted and unqualified magnanimity that ended up depriving the larger public of their much-desired development projects.

He also appealed to newsmen to join hands in the campaign against corruption enunciated by social pressure on public officials so as to enjoy useful infrastructure and human capital development opportunities for the good of all.

Rev Waive gave a catalogue of federal projects he is pursuing for the constituency, assuring that, his constituents will at the end of the day be proud of his quality representation.

Earlier, Chairman of the NUJ, Ughelli Correspondents Chapel, Comrade John Egie appreciated the development strides of the federal lawmaker and encouraged him to maintain the tempo.

He assured the federal lawmaker that the Union will galvanize and mobilize its members to inform, educate and carry out media campaign to enlighten the members  of the constituency on the giant strides Rt. Hon. Francis Waive was taking to domesticate dividends of democracy to their doorsteps.


Rt. Hon. Francis Waive was recently appointed Patron of the NUJ, Ughelli Correspondents Chapel “based on an anecdote of his integrity, pedigree and personality profile,” John Egie said.

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