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What Is The Problem In Urhobo Nation

Who Will coordinate the Urhobo nation to a greater height or in peace and in one mind, while looking at the calendar of the Urhobo nation as whole the chiefs and the top politicians has split the youths and left us without reasons of trusting them and ourselves?

Urhobo nation needs a leader who will fight for the true cause of the Urhobo people and lands. we need to fight alongside each other’s and hold peace to the Urhobo nation.

It will be an insult to the Urhobo people and their leaders that Invaders are killing our people in the forest of our father’s land and we fold our hands waiting for the government to intervene in our matters.

Must we keep waiting for the government to come to our rescue before we act as a United Urhobo nation that we are.

The Yorhobas has private securities and it is called (Ododuwa Police) securing and reacting to the attentions of the Yorhoba people before the police comes out.

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The Igbos has security and a strong body called (ipob) or (massob).

What is the problem with the Urhobo nation?



Lack of trust

And been politicised

And godfatherism

The world knows about the Urhobo nation history and there life style, we have all right to come out and protest against the killings happening in our lands.

But the question is who will support or leadership and our true fate of living and our peace-loving Nations and our father’s lands been taking gradually away by stringers.

Please let join hands together and fight against our enemies.

The Urhobo people as a saying that says (urhobo me na ovo ovo) Let love leads.

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