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Why Is Ogboru Against Okumagba Urhobo Interest In Nddc
Why Is Ogboru Against Okumagba Urhobo Interest In Nddc

It is no longer news that the nomination of Chief Bernard Okumagba as the Managing Director of NDDC by President Buhari and his subsequent confirmation by the National Assembly is a stillbirth.

However, what remains in the dark are the real events leading to the ongoing abortion of the dream of having an illustrious son of Urhobo and Delta from the great Okumagba Eboh Royal Family of Okere Urhobo Kingdom in Warri South Local Government Area of Delta South Senatorial District in Delta State as the substantive Managing Director of NDDC.

A story of an enemy within supporting external enemies to kill his own junior brother.

When the news of Okumagba’s nomination by President Buhari filtered into the air, there was widespread jubilation in the streets of Delta State.

Our people were happy because given his wealth of administrative experience, a seasoned administrator in his mould is expected to bring probity to the interventionist agency and ensure even distribution of developmental projects across the Niger Delta. Okumagba is simply a great professional.

Unknown to many, there was a sinister plot by certain selfish interests within the APC to truncate the nomination of Okumagba.

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And his offences are that he is an Urhobo man and that the Deputy President of the Senate, His Excellency, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege may have spoken about his good credentials and character to the president. That’s all.

There were protests from some Itsekiris of Delta State led by Chief Rita Lori Ogbebor. This is not so much unexpected given Ogbebor’s persistent attacks on anything Urhobo.

She is even sometimes chaotic within Itsekiri so it wasn’t so strange that she opposed an Urhobo, especially an Okumagba for that matter. My point is, it should be easy to accept and deal with her opposition.

It was however shocking that Chief Great Ogboru, a supposed Urhobo leader who has enjoyed maximum goodwill from Urhobos especially the Okumagba family when HRM Benjamin Okumagba was the President General of Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) was secretly coordinating others from within and outside Delta State to oppose Chief Bernard Okumagba.

Ogboru’s main reason was that Okumagba came through Omo-Agege. He claimed too that Okumagba (an APC leader in Warri South) is not APC enough. And so, he compiled his own list to change Okumagba with a non-Urhobo who is not up to Okumagba.


Ogboru even nominated himself on his list as a board member/chairman of NDDC. Laughable but that is Ogboru. It is always about him or no one else.

The people Ogboru submitted his list took it but were surprised that he could be opposing such a good man as Okumagba on petty grounds. Surprised too that he recommended himself. They therefore left his list to accumulate dust and has since trashed it.

Now, why is Ogboru secretly organizing others to oppose Chief Bernard Okumagba who has joined many Urhobos to finance his elections?

For me, it is just sheer envy and complex. I need not say that he does not mean well for Urhobo or Delta. It’s all about him. The good of others is a problem for him.

Ogboru has been going about tarnishing Omo-Agege’s name as an obstacle to him being appointed to any position whereas pride has not made him to ever tell DSP that he wants any appointment.

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Instead of working with DSP as his brother on whatever he wants in government he decided to fight secretly to scatter the good of Urhobo and Delta. He bows down to other senators for help but ignores, blackmails and insults the DSP because he (DSP) is his junior brother.

If he wants a position, must he undermine the DSP, Urhobo, Delta? Why go against Chief Bernard Okumagba? Very good for him.

So, those of you calling and sending me messages to stop on Ogboru, I beg of you to use that energy to tell him to stop being a very bad man first.

You may claim to know him, but you don’t. If you do, you will not talk to him again in this life. My final position on this is that Ogboru is stabbing HRM Benjamin Okumagba in his grave and that should worry all Urhobos.

Aruviere Martin Egharhevwa, Esq

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