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Zambia Must Not Be Injected Dr. Mumba Says
Zambia Must Not Be Injected Dr. Mumba Says

Dr. Nevers Mumba said, Zambia must not inject any vaccine in any Zambian body before verification and validation is done to this vaccine.

No injection should be inserting into a body of any Zambian Dr. Mumba added.

“We must declare that the vaccine is unsafe until it is antically proved to be safe.”

“Not by the American like I said, not by the Russian and not by the European but declared safe by our own scientist and our own doctors.”

I heard somebody say, “where are we going to get our own scientist and doctors.” Well, if you can’t verify what is given to you by your own people, then I suggest that you don’t get involve in touching things that are made by others because then we can be poisoned and we shall all die like fools, Mumba said further.

Speaking further, Mumba said, “If we are ignorance, and we don’t verify what we eat, and what we inject into our bodies or ingest in our body then I think we do not have the sovereignty and we are not a state.” We are now called the “banana Republic.”


But I believe that we’ve got some of the most educated scientist in this country, and doctors who must be trusted to dissect the constitution of this vaccine and ensure that it is right and fit for our people.

Dr. Mumba said, “We may be poor but we are not stupid.”

We can read what they write on the vaccine that this is not for distribution in the United State, and this cannot be used in the European Union, this vaccine can not be used in Europe. 

They are even telling you that this is not for us because they’ve got some sub-standard stuff that they made for us.

Mumba speaks further by saying, How do you known that the injection that was given to president Biden is the same vaccine that is coming here?

You didn’t check it when they put it on him. You have not compared that vaccine to the vaccine you have received.


You can watch it on CNN and say, even president Biden got dosage of it. Are you sure, did you see it, did you get a drop and analyses it that it’s the same drop getting into an African’s body?

Mumba said I think we need to be more responsibly. Our salvation outside God will be by responsible government on the continent of Africa he added.

Corrupt governments, those that are just liking for money from the West are going to kill their people like fools.

We shall die like fools if we have a government which is corrupt and he’s only waiting to be given money by the international community.

He said We should never accept everything that comes to us without verifying it ourselves.

So, I shall not debate myself. Our reservation on the privilege information that we hold about the coming vaccine, I think I shall leave that out I shall not deal with it.

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But I will not inject it into my body, my children’s or on those I love who happen to be all Zambians.

This position can only change if it is established by ourselves that the vaccine is safe Dr. Mumba added.

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