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Urhobo Daily is to project Urhobo nation to the outside world through distribution of sensible news about our community and our nationality in general.

Urhobo Daily also disseminate information about Delta state, the nation and international news.
It will interest you to note that for the short time we have been on net, our readership traffic is quite impressive as we make no fewer than 6,000 traffic daily. Urhobodaily traffic is increasing at a geometrical rate daily.

Our facebook page and twitter is among the favorite in the social media world with increase in likes and followers respectively about urhobo daily.

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We are appealing to our numerous readers to use the golden opportunity of our greater reach to create awareness about any activities they are embarking.

While promising to serve you better each day, we wish you happy reading.

Edafe Hitler
Publisher/Editor – Urhobo Daily (urhobodaily)